Access Vietnam - one of Australia’s fastest growing 
trade partners
Create your own dedicated Vietnam expansion strategy 
Access support from experienced mentors and vetted service providers
Get connected to in-market companies, potential partners and clients
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Don’t take our word for it. Here’s a comment from one of our past participants:

"The Vietnam Business Booster Program is an excellent opportunity to accelerate Australian 
businesses' understanding of Vietnam and prepare their market-strategy for success."

Angeline, healthcare brand
Applications close 5 August, 2022
Program begins 1 September 2022 
Understand the Vietnamese market
Participate in interactive workshops, access our virtual platform with sector-specific resources and tap into our partner network. 
Create and refine your market-entry hypothesis with personalised feedback to help you formulate your strategy and define your actions and next steps.
Create your market-entry strategy
Build your in-market network 
Connect to our in-market network, which includes government representatives, people from your industry, service providers and consultants who will facilitate your expansion into Vietnam.
VBB is a guided journey for your market expansion, based on our tested market entry framework. 

Designed to fit in with your business demands, the program starts 1 September 2022 and runs for 3 months. It will require approximately two hours’ time commitment weekly. 
Give your business a boost.
Join our lead facilitators in Ho Chi Minh City, where you’ll be connected to key contacts and obtain valuable market insights. Meet Australian government representatives, the local and international business community and relevant industry players.

This in-country component will run from 8-11 November, with an extra optional trip to Hoi An and Hanoi 12-15 November.
Join our trade delegation to Vietnam (optional)*
*All travel-related expenses are at the participants’ own cost. A number of hosted dinners will be provided and a range of accommodation options will be recommended to suit all budget requirements.
A dedicated program for Australian businesses 
wanting to expand into the Vietnamese market

The Vietnam Business Booster includes online workshops, support from Vietnam-specialists and mentors and personalised feedback to help you formulate your Vietnam strategy, establish your market-entry approach and connections.
Vietnam is an emerging regional hub with broad trade and export potential. 
It offers:
An expanding middle class of young & digitally-savvy consumers 

Strong & consistent economic growth
A stable & well-regulated financial system
Market diversification opportunities
30 companies have come before you
In 2021, more than 30 companies successfully completed VBB. Several are already actively engaged in trade with Vietnam as a result of their participation in VBB.

Here's what they have to say:
"One of the best export programs I’ve ever attended. Very well organised, engaging and informative. By filling out the canvas, we set a realistic and achievable target for the market. Andrea did very well to keep us on track and was exceptionally helpful in providing advice based on her understanding of our brand and the market. We made valuable connections which would have taken us months to find. We feel much more confident now as we better understand the culture, economy, consumer preference, potential risks, and how to control them."

Adeline, wine exporter
"This program was well organised with so many respective experts in their chosen fields. The workshops, training and connections made have been a great help to us as we launch our proptech to the world. I highly recommend this program to anyone and hope this gets expanded for other countries. I will be in like a flash if this goes to other relevant countries."

Bob, high-tech company
"This program is incredibly valuable to Australian exporters, what I learned in this short program would have required significant time and investment if we didn’t have this structure, expertise and insight from the VBB. I only wish this was available for other core export regions."

Jake, manufacturer
Malcolm Leask
Director, Hither & Yon
Who this program is for 
The Vietnam Business Booster is designed for companies from across Australia. Small business owners and scale-ups will gain the most value from the program. It is not suited to early-stage startups. 
Healthcare & MedTech
Cosmetics & Supplements
Priority Sectors include: 
FinTech & Cybersecurity
A peek into our business-booster framework
A practical methodology based on experience supporting hundreds of companies to expand globally.
The Vietnam Business Booster was developed by Haymarket HQ, in partnership with Acclime Vietnam. It is funded by a Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade grant. 

The goal of the program is to support Australian SMEs in gaining a deeper understanding of Vietnam, helping them build their know-how and networks.

Companies can apply to join and if successful, will receive free access to the program. 

About us 
Frequently asked questions
Why is the program free?
The program has been made available courtesy of a Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Australia-Vietnam Enhanced Economic Engagement Grant.  It received grant funding from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade under the Australia-Vietnam Enhanced Economic Engagement Grant Program 2021
Can more than one person from my company participate in the program?
Yes. You may register more than one person from your company to participate, however one person must be nominated as the lead contact for the program. VBB is suitable for companies that want to expand their team’s market knowledge.

Do I have to participate in the trade delegation?
While the trade delegation is an optional element to the 2022 program, if you are truly serious about the Vietnam market, it will provide you with the introductions and in-market experiences you really need to take your Vietnam expansion journey to the
next level.

Please note travel costs will be at the participant’s own expenses.
Why Vietnam?
Vietnam is an emerging economy that has been identified as a priority Australian trading partner. In 2019, our respective Prime Ministers agreed to develop an Enhanced Economic Engagement Strategy, with the aim of becoming top ten trade partners and doubling bilateral investment. 
Australian companies are generally well-received in Vietnam. 
How much time will I need to invest into the program?
VBB is an interactive learning experience. The more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. It will require an investment of at least 2 hours per week. 

Does my business need an ABN?
Yes. The program is open to operating businesses with a defined product or service, and who are at the stage of actively exploring exporting. 

Want to have a (virtual) chat?
Send us an email if you would like to discuss the Vietnam Business Booster, explore partnership opportunities or if you have any questions
Vietnam Business Booster  is a co-branded initiative of Haymarket HQ, Acclime Vietnam and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
This activity received grant funding from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade under the Australia-Vietnam Enhanced Economic Engagement Grant Program 2021
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